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 Homeowners, Condominium, and Renters insurance policies have Contents coverage built in to each policy. The best way I can communicate contents coverage is if you turned your house upside down what fell would be deemed contents. Something very important that many clients don’t know about their content coverage is the limited coverage items that are truly valuable to them.

Jewelry Coverage

Finding out that you have had your cherished heirlooms stolen can be devastating news, and buying new pieces won’t truly replace what you have lost, but if you do have valuable jewelry it is advisable that you take a look what you have and then sit down with your insurance agent. For jewelry theft, expect a maximum homeowners payout of $1,000 (total aggregate not per item), and half that amount under a renters policy.

Here is a more complete list of coverage

List of Coverage

Most of the coverages listed above can be endorsed to an appropriate level for you and your family on a new or existing policy.


Here is a Link to more information on Homeowners coverage or to request a homeowners quote.


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