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Hitting a deer is a costly and even life-threatening incident. It can happen to anyone. It can happen if you drive slowly or fast. Even in areas that are not full of woods, deer can be present. Preventing striking a deer with your car is critical. READ MORE >>

Open Enrollment has ended for 2018's individual health insurance market, but special enrollment periods may occur for you that will allow for to buy health insurance. If you lose health insurance for any reason other than non pay. If you move to a different county. Get married. READ MORE >>

 Come on out December 1st and 2nd for this great community event READ MORE >>

It's open enrollment again for health insurance running from November 1, 2017 to December 15.   If you have never had a marketplace plan before or have not understood how it worked in the past premium is subsidized through the marketplace. Your amount of personal subsidy is based off of your family income. READ MORE >>

 This parable was told to the House Ag Committee in Gainesville, FL on June 24th. We thank Virginia Sanchez for speaking up to help shed light on the unfair and unjust aspects of the 2014 Farm bill.   The Story of Three Peanut Farmers:   These three farmers are neighbors. READ MORE >>

Calculate Your Life Insurance Needs How valuable are you to your family? Are you the bread winner, do you share equal responsibility with your spouse, or do you take care of the children and house 120 hours a week. The need for Life Insurance exist in all. Calculators How much life insurance do I need? READ MORE >>

   Homeowners, Condominium, and Renters insurance policies have Contents coverage built in to each policy. The best way I can communicate contents coverage is if you turned your house upside down what fell would be deemed contents. READ MORE >>

Many clients ask how their insurance rates are generated. Insurance companies produce a formula with the 4 factors below and present the proposal to The Department of Insurance. The DOI looks at the statistics and either Accepts or Declines the proposal to increase or decrease rates.  READ MORE >>

  Differences Between AHCA and ACA.   1. No More Mandate to Purchase or Provide Coverage The plan eliminates the individual and employer mandate penalties. This means people will no longer be fined for lack of insurance, and large companies do not have to pay if they do not offer insurance to their employees. READ MORE >>

   Current Similarities between AHCA and ACA.   1. Pre-Existing Conditions Will Still Be Covered Under the Affordable Care Act, insurance companies are required to cover pre-existing conditions. This is still the case under the AHCA, but the creation of High Risk Pools, funded with $8 billion dollars was an added amendment to the AHCA. READ MORE >>

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