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Whether it's a new year, new quarter or new month, business goals probably come to mind. Maybe you're crushing them; maybe not. If you find yourself in the later group, here's a way to help you make goals that you can achieve.

Specific: Your goal needs to be specific. Don't just say that you want to make a lot of money this year. Write down that you want to be earning $8,000 each month by the end of the year. When you get to December 31 and your earnings for the last twelve months have been going up you know you did well. If the last three months all exceeded $8,000 you know you've met your goal. Likewise if each month you've been earning $5,000 this means you're doing well but haven't yet met your target.

Measurable: You need to be able to track some metrics like income. You could also track customers. Say you have a house cleaning business that has 10 clients. You want to be working full time by the end of the quarter. You'll need to double that to get 20 clients. This is a metric that you can easily track. Another goal might be to review insurance policies. You need to be clear so that you know when you're done. Your goal can be review business insurance, auto insurance and life insurance for better coverage.

Attainable: There's no sense in making a goal if you can't meet it. A small mom and pop restaurant in a town of 10,000 people is not likely going to bring in $1 million in revenue in a year. When you're starting up your new business, you will find that you need to have more than a four hour work week you dream of.

Read Often: Write out your goals and review them often. You might find that rewriting them weekly keeps you focused on them. At the very least, keep them in a prominent place so you see them daily and keep them top of mind.

Time Bound: Goals that have no time frame are dreams. You need to make it your goal to have hired an assistant by June 30. Or you will sell thirty houses in the first quarter of the year. Also remember that work expands to fill the amount of time that's available. Keep your deadline as short as realistically possible. If you need to design new business cards, make it a goal to have them done in two weeks. There's only a slim chance that they'll get done in two weeks if you allow yourself four.

Use this SMART framework for all your business goal setting and you'll find that you achieve more than ever before.

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Open Enrollment has ended for 2018's individual health insurance market, but special enrollment periods may occur for you that will allow for to buy health insurance.

  1. If you lose health insurance for any reason other than non pay.
  2. If you move to a different county.
  3. Get married.
  4. Become ineligible for Medicaid.
  5. Have a change of citizenship.
  6. Become ineligible to be on parents plan.

If you have any questions on how these 6 Special enrollments may benefit you. Please gives a call and we will review your eligibility.

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Come on out December 1st and 2nd for this great community event

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It's open enrollment again for health insurance running from November 1, 2017 to December 15.


If you have never had a marketplace plan before or have not understood how it worked in the past premium is subsidized through the marketplace. Your amount of personal subsidy is based off of your family income. For individuals subsidies begin at $12,500 Per year.  And for family plans it's additional yearly income of $4200 per person.





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 This parable was told to the House Ag Committee in Gainesville, FL on June 24th. We thank Virginia Sanchez for speaking up to help shed light on the unfair and unjust aspects of the 2014 Farm bill.


The Story of Three Peanut Farmers:


These three farmers are neighbors. They go to church together, they hunt together, and their kids play ball together.


It’s the first day of peanut planting. The farmer to the west tells his wife; well I’m going to start planting today even though peanut prices are very low. We have base and qualify for a PLC payment. We will be ok. The government is providing us a safety net.


The farmer in the middle tells his wife. I’m starting to plant today and I’m worried sick because of low prices. We don’t have any base and don’t qualify for the PLC payment.   All we can hope for is that somewhere/somehow there is a shortage of peanuts this year and prices will go up. He says I’m really worried. We’ve got peanut equipment and land payments. Our employees and their families are depending on us. He prays his situation turns around soon.


Now the farmer to the east is sitting on his front porch and tells his wife.  Well I don’t think I’ll plant peanuts this year. We’ve got base and qualify for a $250,000 PLC payment regardless if I plant or not. We don’t have any land payments.  I paid our land off when the government bought out my peanut quota in 2002. I think I just won’t hire any employees, buy any equipment, fuel, fertilizer or supplies. We will just pocket the $250,000.  Heck lets you and I just go fishing today.


The farmer in the middle is also being attacked by his neighbors because he’s speaking out against a program that doesn’t work for him, his family or his employees. The base holders don’t want their program touched. He knows they would be doing the same if they were in his shoes. He’s being called a troublemaker and rebel by his neighbors. Their longtime friendship has been deeply damaged.

Notice I didn’t say what state these three farmers live in because these three farmers live in every peanut producing state in the US. The 2014 farm bill has created the haves, have-nots and the ones that don’t have to do anything.

Written By: Virginia Sanchez of Sanchez Farms, LLC


To learn more about how you can help, visit The Florida Peanut Federation; or call the Jordan Agency and speak to Daniel or Bruce

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